MSI (Z390 PLUS) S1151/4xDDR4/2xPCIEx16/DP/DVI/2xM.2/USB3.1/ATX Motherbaord




  • Supports 9th generation Intel ®  Core™, Pentium ®  and Celeron ®  processors with LGA1151 pin
  • Support DDR4 memory, frequency up to 4400(OC)MHz
  • Dual high-speed M.2: Running on PCI-E Gen3 x4 can greatly improve the performance of NVMe-based SSD
  • Support Intel CNVi: Support Intel CNVi Wi-Fi module, IEEE802.11 AC wave2, provide faster wireless network connection
  • Freely set core power supply: core acceleration engine, DDR4 memory acceleration engine
  • E-sports audio components: Reward your ears with studio-level audio quality
  • Extended heat sink design: MSI extended PWM and enhanced circuit design ensure that even high-end processors can run at full speed
  • Multi-graphics crossfire: support 2 AMD Crossfire™
  • Intel Hi-Speed ??USB 3.1 Gen2: Technical support provided by Intel USB 3.1 Gen2 controller to ensure uninterrupted connection, stronger stability and faster transmission speed


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