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Win a $500 Cheapest Computer Voucher!

Welcome player 1! You’ve officially joined the race to 1000! Are you ready to begin?

The challenge is to like some noticeboards near where you live or where you work! You can like one – or every noticeboard in between. The best way to win is to like as many notice boards as you can! You can always unlike later if you don’t want to win more prizes.. riiight.

The noticeboards to 1000 likes, will open the portal to a new dimension of WINNING for you to be entered into the draw to win a $500 computer voucher valid for 6 months, from Cheapest Computers! Now isn’t that a cool prize? 

Better be fast, this race is only on for 28 days!

Gameplay tip: Share noticeboards with friends to encourage others to join! The more likes, the closer you are to winning.

Competition terms & conditions. Entry is open to all residents of Greater Melbourne council areas. Employees and families of i Do Stuff and related businesses are not eligible to enter. Competition starts 06/08/20 12pm and ends 03/09/20 12pm. The Facebook noticeboard(s) which have over 1000 followers will be provided a link, available until the 10/09/20 12pm, to submit their details to be entered into the draw. Prize draw consists of one $500 digital voucher, valid for 6 months, to be used at Prize will be drawn randomly on 10/09/20 3pm and the winner announced via Facebook, email and website. Judges decision is final.